Kahuna Healing and Living Explained

Kahuna were Shaman of Hawaiian Islands; the keeper of secrets.  Kahuna taught and healed through the spirit of vibration. Aloha means being in the presence of the spirit. When spirit enters the body, an electrical vibration is felt. This vibration begins to connect every cell within your body and re-arrange these cells into their rightful place.

Here we enter into WISDOM OF ALOHA.

In the word Aloha; every letter has a meaning.

We begin to understand how live ALOHA principals; people don't know that Aloha is a code of conduct not hello.
Each letter has full meaning of living.

- A means to look and behave in a way that moves towards the light and to ensure you do this with watchful awareness. This means to pay attention to what's happening around us and how we are expressing ourselves.
- L stands for oneness. We together come together supporting each other
- O stands for truth. Truth of what you see and feel fully. Not just polite convrsations about things outside of us.
- H means to be humble and be aware (also be aware of the ego and how we often engage in it.
- A stands for absolute love of all of light.

Living in the oneness.

We begin to begin to oparate in the light rather than just reaching for the light. We practice living in the light of new wisdom.

As life has divided us within society this has affected our cellular Kahuna Healing and living explainedcommunication within our own body.

As a result of this cellular rearrangement we are all broken.

The purpose of this Kahuna is to connect you to the truth within each and every individual who participates in this healing journey. Kahuna wisdom was only ever in the hands of great seers. In reality today, this is still the case because it takes tremendous dedication to open yourself up to truth. And anyone can do it provided they approach it with reverence and commit to living it with every breath. Therefore Kahuna is not a technique, it is a way of life.

Kahuna Healing is bringing the three selves together

You have three selves that are quite separate. The conscious self, the unconscious self and the super self. All these selves have different functions. As you move deeper and deeper into all the three selves you become one. At this point the shift in consciousness occurs.

However, as this occurs; the lower self through which we function in the physical world is still learning to recognise the higher frequencies. It is for this reason we talk about the movements within the body that you may have experienced but not been able to express these changes through your conscious mind. It is absolutely critical you are not left alone to work these things out yourself or you'll miss the wisdom of your transmutation.

Make sure you take the time to listen to these recording on this page to begin to open your mind to receiving your body's wisdom.

In the videos you'll hear actual clients sharing their experiences of pillar of light and inner vibrations that move the energy around to their rightful place.

We bring purpose, action, desire cooperation together as foundation for fulfillment. There was a time when we all lived in cooperation and collaboration. Harmony was way of living; Kahuna living is path to bringing back honor.

You'll near me speaking with the student of his/her own life about how to apply all the changes into every aspect of their life.

It takes15 to 20 years to become a Kahuna. Wisdom comes only through deep experiences. (this is not to be confused with instant Kahuna that is in many of the spas and resorts.)

Knowing that Kahuna is a way of life prepares you for your session. It is not just a massage that we are accustomed to seeing promoted.

Yes - bodywork is involved, but that is just a part of it. First we identify what distresses your soul and body mind. This brings physical, mental, spiritual and soulular connection to your desires. This becomes the vibrational healing of what divides you.


FIND OUT WHY by watching this video above Kahuna master is vastly different to people calling themselves Kahuna these days.

Below is a true account of Kahuna Massage mastery described by a client.

By making deepest connection with body mind soul spirit that help you make sense of your life you are given new ways of interpreting life and you physical condition. In longest session often people experience profound changes in their life.


This video is an account of the body adjusting itself from inside out with the help of super soul. Join us in our talk of the depth of unravelling you to can access.


In this video we move through the doorway of pain. Not exploring pain but moving through and beyond it. Then apply these feelings into daily living.



In this video a woman describes feeling of soul energy entering her body and how he body began to rock gently from inside as her body was still. In stillness your can access oneness within you and world around you.


In the video below, a man describes soul descending on him


When to have Kahuna Healing

When facing challenges and stress whether they are physical or emotional, Kahuna massage by Kahuna master therapist, brings balance and transformation on all levels by deep nurturing that releases tension leaving you with feelings of being connected your yourself and your life.

Kahuna massage professional studies all elements of life for 10 to 15 years. Marketing has reduced everything to a quick sale and has impacted on Kahuna studies because the markers themselves are unable to understand depths of ancient wisdom. They use sacred words and turn them into ordinary language, this degrades the wisdom and limits publics ability to do thorough research) In this instant times, many are taught in just a weekend. (That is the one dimensional approach and certainly is not Kahuna)

A man describes his healing of surgery in his wrists along with relationship understanding and healing emotional resistance.


Kahuna by a dedicated therapist accesses your spirit and Soul and your body simultaneously
Inside the Temple of your soul resides your body. During the Kahuna massage I intend to bring that connection to you. Kahuna massage goes beyond physical connection to rhythm of life - nourishing, peaceful healing. Essential for when you need to reconnect to yourself or when facing challenges and stress whether they are physical or emotional.

Kahuna massage by Kahuna master therapist, brings balance and transformation on all levels by deep nurturing that releases tension leaving you with feelings of being connected your yourself and your life.
Original Kahuna professional is not just a massage person. Kahuna studies all elements of life.

Sadly due to misunderstandings; even you can claim Kahuna status in just a few days. (that is equivalent to forgery, you cannot be a copy of your teacher)

Kahuna mastery takes experience and are selected from most advanced people, not the general public as is the pattern now. I bring you my experience and expertise and decades of client stories personalised for you.

Appointment can range from 40 minutes to 150 minutes and in some cases for many hours. Some have extended to five hours and longer; FIND OUT WHY by carefully listening to the videos, turn off all distractions especially notifications. Close all other browsers. Kahuna master is vastly different to people calling themselves Kahuna these day.