Change of perception

Dramatic change in one week.

My pet had been suffering from skin problems, he was overly sensitive, even cried. Despite my having his health tested regularly (test results to be uploaded as time permits)

I gave him the

  • prescribed supplements,
  • homeopathic remedies (very effective normally)
  • emotional support essences, yet his progress was minimal.

At best there was significant improvement temporarily, then as the homeopathic ran out, the symptoms quickly returned.

 At this point I want to say - vitamins and minerals in my experience - always work - as you read the rest of the story - you'll appreciate the solution.

He had a favourite dry food - I am so grateful that it ran out on this particular day, it was a Sunday, knowing that many pet stores close early I rang to ensure they were open, I also asked if they carried that brand.

They did, however there was just one bag in stock ( I thought that was very strange, a rare occurrence) - I requested they hold it for me that I was on my way to collect it, or my darling kitty would be very upset with me.

At the counter collecting this treat, as is my pattern, when something changes I ask why. There is never a shortage of to that degree.

As it turned out, the product was held up on the wharf by customs, they were systematically testing all pet food, this time it was this very product.

Right place and the right time

As always I was at the right place at the right time. Unknown to me, this products was manufactured in United States, when it was recommended to me, i believed it came from New Zealand.

Firstly all products are irradiated when they are exported, then when they land on our shores the containers are sprayed with another toxin before being unloaded (details on that shall be shared on another page - that one of my clients shared from his personal involvement and subsequent fallout from entering the container too soo0

As it turned out my beloved cat - 'at great cost to me' - was being fed contaminated food on top of that it was irradiated, meaning that it had no nutritional value despite have minerals and vitamins listed on the pack.

By the way customs did not find any contaminants and the product was released for distribution - one thing I know for certain, is that our food safety standards are extremely low.

Immediately I purchased Australian manufactured pet food for him.

Well he hated it, he was addicted to the old stuff, you see, the food is further sprayed with components that addict our pets (same goes for the food we eat, more on that to follow)

Moving on; he does love his Roo meat, i purchase the human grade, I do not purchase pet mince, to my knowledge they all have preservatives and the hygiene aspect is very low in pet food manufacturing.

The Outcome

Within a week almost all his lesions and scabs disappeared.

By now he has also adapted to his new treat as well. Then I placed him of raw organic liver and he began to flourish.

I thought that may be the end of that.

but no


More was yet to come

As his body adapted, the long history of being on the previous dietary supplement soon began surface, again I was faced with more skin problems, he was showing sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation (in his tests)

Then a remarkable breakthrough

I've had EMR balancing equipment for a number of years, that was not as effective due to the many changes we've had with Wi-Fi, the masses of mobile phone towers, computers operating on mobile devices, and the list goes on.

With The EMR System Updated

Within a week all his symptoms disappeared, I had not given him any supplements at all, or homeopathics (to administer them used to take up 2-3 hours per day, which placed even more stress on him and certainly placed huge time burden on me)

We both needed a break to just give his little body to repair

He is extremely happy, now I'm monitoring his regeneration progress.

Humans are just as vulnerable, their changes are equally obvious, but because we are stuck in our intellect we do not notice. In this link, you'll find my observation of the guests at Premier Health Retreats who also experienced changes.

Back on the supplements that are finally working.

Healing is a process, now he is having raw meat and raw organic live, he able to absorb the nutrients far better, that break from supplements supported his body in adapting to better frequencies whereas before the actual taking of the nutrients ' I used to give them to him by mouth, he would not eat the food if anything else was mixed with it'

Our food sources are depleted of nutrients and they travel many kilometers before they land on our plate, so the energy of the food is also compromised through travel as well as storage. Organic meat that he is now on are to fill the gap that the food he was raised on had established. He is now happy playful and a delight to have around.

People have the same issues, the difference is that we live longer therefore not knowing that the choices we made 5, 10, 20 years ago are having an impact on us now.

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