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This Mentoring and healing program in not for everybody. Therefore it is essential that before you apply, check all of the following:

  • Are you ready to do the work, take action and follow what is uncovered within your session:

in the order that delivers the best outcome for not only you but for those around you, are you tired of doing it alone?

  • Are you ready to allow yourself to uncover what is driving your actions and take the necessary action:

And to allow yourself to engage in one on one spiritual journey with me where, we together walk your path to freedom from reaction into to total awareness under my guidance and protection while I hold the space of trust and love as you face the truth of who you truly are?

  • Are you willing to face your fears and doubts and move forward to live who you truly are deep beneath your wounds:

We, together shall come across some very uncomfortable parts of your of what has been driving your life and begin to untangle the energy blocks. Are you ready to take the action that releases you from your addictions to pain and reactions?

Contact us if you are ready to commit openheartedly to your next level of living openly in new level of expanded consciousness.

  • I only work with dedicated clients and when I feel that we may have great synergy between us for the journey to work for you.
  • fill in the form below.
  • Initial
Appointment can range from 40 minutes to 120 minutes and in some cases for many hours to a full day depending on what comes up and we follow the journey set up in front of us.

We work with minimum interruptions.

Once we receive your interest we'll contact you for 20 minute discovery call to .