Open Heart Retreat a safe place where you are supported in your spiritual connection.

You come to realisation of disconnect most people live within. Simple techniques connecting you to your personal earth breathing  code is your master connector. You recognise how unskilled you were in the past and the superficial relationships that have continued to impact your body mind soul spirit and emotions. You re-valuate your challenges and even friendship because ignorance disappears. While living your open heart retreat you gain liberating knowledge that will clearly reveal new values. On the obvious level you become aware of the spiritual poverty and the forces that have been impacting you.


In this video you can observe and hear how this man felt his personal shift. We live only a life that has been personally verified you personally. They are not a system you follow that has been established by outside authority.

Taking refuge is not a leap of faith, it is a concrete verification of ending of suffering based on personal experience. We focus our energies on building a community that lives in harmony peace cooperations collaboration strengthened by mindfulness of all involved.

Woman's experience of energy field healing in this video.

These practices can be difficult to maintain without the support of friends. Open heart retreat is refuge of safely living in joy happiness peace and holiness. This state is referred to as Sangha when you live in wisdom of experience and support of fellow living beings.

You too begin to feel how you have been restricted and restrained from your personal freedom and personal happiness that comes from within.

Here you continue developing qualities that you can be proud of; such as personal conviction, discernment, determination, mindfulness, kindness and sensitivities to your needs. As you become aware of your Open Heart Retreatneeds and make personal adjustments that nourish and fulfill these needs, you become more sensitive to needs of those around you. Your personal inherent needs have been programmed out of you so you can be compliant to external demands that have crushed your soul.

During open heart retreat you will continue to develop and create the life you love to live.

Developing qualities from within your personal brand of unconditioned trustworthy happiness of mental and spiritual needs of you and the immediate world around you.

Foundation of Open Heart Retreat is to uncover your divergent Nature. Develop connection to everything you engage with in authentic manner. Open Heart Retreat is development of skillful action. You'll recognised that you can choose to act in a way that generates genuine happiness for you and everyone you meet. Your personal awakening is result of personal effort that is effortless that can lead to absolute awareness of nature of relationships.

As you continue to engage with open heart retreat path you begin to experience cessation of stress leading to right resolve, right action, right effort, right livelihood. Extraordinary concentration and mindfulness. Deep insight into your life path as you experience natural reality free from limitations.

Fruits of right and wrong actions become absolutely clear. Development of generosity to fellow humans and everything around you that comes back to you. You realise your life is result of certain action that shape your reality. You become aware of all your senses including mental illusions that plague the mind. Peace cannot be felt while the mind continues to live in reaction to outside stimulus. Develop inner harmony that regulates your preferred lifestyle.

When Buddha became enlightened; he took 7 weeks to integrate that awakening into his life.