Lose Weight by Eating More, that's heaven.

Our experience is that our bodies are starving. When the body believes it needs to survive, it begins to store energy often in form of fat. This is misinterpreted by linear thinking. It is my experience as I was working with a man who had considerable challenges that included being overweight.

Due to marketing and conditioning; his only thought was to lose weight. He felt that going on a weight loss diet, he would feel better and healthier.

For ultimate health benefits

Often it is more about how you the food is grown, raised, prepared and eaten rather than choices we make.

PDF of a man losing 20kilos plus by eating up to 3 times the amount he was used to is to uploaded soon

  • His health improved dramatically,
  • past injuries diminished greatly
  • Eyesight improved
  • He could run for the first time in years
  • more to come