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Prior to that I was key designer and project coordinator for a boutique interior design business. In this position I was involved in every aspect of the project, I met with all suppliers and service providers, maintained regular meeting with our manufacturers, ensuring they interpreted the specifications to perfection. As were at all times on deadline, there was no room for error and miscommunication. If any of the subcontractors needed to make any modifications collaborating with me was essential as that would affect the end result and the entire project would be a failure. It was essential that everything flowed, the people I worked with were aware of the consequences of changing any aspect without notification.

We were not open to the general public, all our work was commissioned meaning the end result of every one of our clients was unique to them, completely personalised. Everything was designed from scratch. The tradies, builders, manufacturers, suppliers, importers, wholesalers, transport knew all must arrive on schedule. We did not carry floor stock therefore we did not have any stock to sell just to move it off the floor.

 It is this attitude I bring to all the training, workshops, life-style support and therapies

I am TJ, since 1989 I've been in the natural health industry, many years working in Premier Health Resorts both on the Gold Coast and Sydney area.

For some time I lived in Camp Eden, for a number of months I awoke with the guests, participated in every event including absailing, archery, water polo, meditation, yoga, dance, magnificent walks, personal training. The morning run was the best start to the day. I was with them at breakfast, lunch and dinner. In that time during their full week stay the daily changes were nothing short of remarkable.

Within 3 months I was providing specialised services and was travelling down to Sydney & Melbourne as support to the former guests - at their request.

I feel privileged to have been part of their changes. Daily the changes were measurable. No one in the health field has had this level of contact, typically a therapist counsellor, meditation teacher, yoga teacher or personal trainer is with their client for at most one hour, they may see them a few times a week. A few times a week if it is physical training of some sort, a few times a month if naturopath acupuncture's or doctor. I however was literally with them 24/7, therefore I did not get their interpretation of feelings and events after the face, I was with them at that very moment.




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