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  • Home Page Knowing where to begin is often a challenge. Do we begin with the mind, body our Home. Our bodies are the most honest part of us, yet due to lack of training and focus on our entire being we cannot recognise the signs Do You Want an Exceptional Life? Where YOU are the Creator of Your Reality Personal Development, Personal Care, Health, Love and Solutions Our bodies are at risk this affect out minds
  • Envirokey is dedicated to personal development, personal care, health love and solutions. Our balanced environment needs to contain essential elements. The ability to assess is a skill we have lost, it is also the key to our lifestyle success
  • Lose Weight by Eating More For ultimate health benefits Often it is more about how the food is grown, raised, prepared and eaten rather than what food.
  • About Our commitment strengthened through our personal experiences. Despite our best efforts often we have a tendency to miss vital information that affects our health, our family, our pets. These events have profound impact in every area of our lives as we try to deal with the consequences.
  • Kahuna Healing Explained how to bring that into your daily life. Kahuna were Shaman of Hawaiian Islands; the keeper of secrets. Kahuna taught and healed through the spirit of vibration. Aloha means being in the presence of the spirit. When spirit enters the body, an electrical vibration is felt
  • Reality of locking into mana of new energy
  • Purpose In these hectic demanding times rarely do we find time for our significant other or for ourselves, because we have had no inspiration or role model, our world of filled with disconnection and disassociation that we put off the significance of relationships with our lover our friend and mostly with our body
  • What's happening in our lives? Increasing prosperity Insomnia Depression Low Energy Shyness Benefits of Meditation Cautions Solutions What is available Support Electromagnetic Radiation is perhaps the most significant contributor to stress. Most people are not aware that it has a cumulative effect that causes problems that we are not aware of
  • What's on Semi Private Training in meditation for Prosperity Health & Success News Current Workshop in progress; EMR Products and Training
  • Resources for those who insist on being informed by accredited dedicated sources. Dr Helen Caldicott delivered a remarkable update of world events, Toxins, emmissions, chemichals, her event lasted over 3 hours A quick and easy way of adding content to a site is to create a resources list. This can be anything from a simple list of appropriate web sites or it can be a full blown directory that includes mini-reviews of each of the sites listed.
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  • Training Every one has some area they are disconnected. It's vital that we approach this with honesty about who you are and where you fit. First we must determine that you really do want to shift. That you are ready to do the work. What you identify with is who you begin to believe you are.
  • Learn Ancient Secrets When you want more out your life. In this video you can hear how connection to soul actually works. By understanding this level of energy you are available to your entire soul connection. Higher levels of consciousness open you up to different levels of energies.
  • Training opportunity Six positions are available at this point. These skills are required; from cooking, PA, driver, IT professional to Housekeeping and gardening; check the list below.
  • Being valued Sameness and the damage sameness brings into our lives. Here; We develop a way of living in success in every area of our lives by being present in every event of our life.
  • Valued and Appreciated Secret to being appreciated and valued comes with your ability to listen to the meaning of words and actions. One of the biggest mistake people make is that they interpret what is being said according to their own personal past experiences.
  • Commitment to Excellence In Your training you’ll be in charge of your own portfolio, see list of options. Select your area of expertise. As a team member of a dedicated committed individuals you’ll have the opportunity to experience working together on a project to completion.
  • Successful Training Training is deemed a success when we are aware of our environment. When we are not aware, we are in perpetual state of restraint and reaction. By contributing your skills in many areas everything you do EVERY DAY is connecting to your personal power.
  • Expand Grow with people dedicated to completing each project FINALLY – how much are you willing to grow and expand as a human being? Our ability to achieve that in every aspect of life is about developing all qualities simultaneously.
  • Connection When your inner connection is felt you begin to know the feeling of success, feeling of quiet inner power.You feel you belong, People around you begin to trust you as you evoke energy of caring Training - Connection - parent who defends the family of honour.
  • Open Heart Retreat a safe place where you are supported in your spiritual connection. You begin to realise how unskilled you were in the past and the superficial relationships that have continued to impact your body mind soul spirit and emotions. You re-valuate your challenges and even friendship because ignorance disappears.
  • Contact Us For Private appointments, Training,Corporate Training, Courses, Publick Speaking, Dinner engagements, Events, Mentoring or Retreat details please call us