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  • Our bodies, food, homes, and work environments face constant pressures, impacting our health and well-being. Learn how to manage stress holistically by addressing environmental influences such as synthetic materials, chemical exposure, and EMR pollution. Discover simple solutions to balance your environment and energy field, promoting long-term health and vitality. Contact us for free information on workshops and holistic solutions for managing stress and creating a healthier living environment.
  • Bio Relationships with self reflect how we value and relate to the world around us, including personal and business relationships. We begin with my Relationships because in my experience it is the quality of our relationships shape us, they influence the choices we make, they can also be a very powerful catalyst for change
  • Discover the journey of Tasha, from a background in project coordination and boutique interior design to immersion in the natural health industry. With extensive experience in coordinating personalized projects and interior designs, [Your Name] brings a unique perspective to health retreats and lifestyle support. Learn about [Your Name]'s hands-on experience living in premier health resorts, where they provided specialized services and witnessed remarkable transformations firsthand. Gain insight into their holistic approach to therapy and lifestyle support, rooted in years of immersive experience and dedication to individualized care.
  • Envirokey is dedicated to holistic personal care, health, and transformative solutions, recognizing the profound impact of our environment on our success and well-being. Through the Open Heart Retreat, led by Tasja, participants embark on a journey of self-discovery and environmental harmony, fostering trust, communication, and holistic wellness. With extensive experience spanning natural health, business, and lifestyle support, Tasja guides individuals to unlock their potential and cultivate meaningful relationships. By integrating personal challenges and successes, Envirokey minimizes business and relationship struggles, offering insights and practices for transformative growth. Discover the power of holistic connection and critical thinking in achieving success and self-actualization, while embracing the natural aspect of receiving for profound transformation. Experience a no-nonsense approach to relationship building and spiritual healing, shattering conventional norms and promoting inner harmony and growth.
  • Lose Weight by Eating More For ultimate health benefits Often it is more about how the food is grown, raised, prepared and eaten rather than what food.
  • About Our commitment strengthened through our personal experiences. Despite our best efforts often we have a tendency to miss vital information that affects our health, our family, our pets. These events have profound impact in every area of our lives as we try to deal with the consequences.
  • the essence of Kahuna healing and how to integrate it into your daily life. Kahuna, the ancient shamans of the Hawaiian Islands, were keepers of secrets and taught healing through spiritual vibration. Learn about the depth of Kahuna training and its holistic approach to life. Understand the significance of Aloha as more than just a greeting but a code of conduct for living. Explore the importance of learning to receive and the transformative power of unity and truth. Dive into the oneness principle and embrace a way of living in harmony with oneself and the world. Experience the profound shifts in consciousness through Kahuna massage and vibrational healing. Join us on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth as we unlock the wisdom of the body, mind, and soul. Discover why true Kahuna mastery takes years of dedication and experience, unlike the quick certifications offered today. Hear real client stories of healing, transformation, and deep connection to the essence of life.
  • the reality of accessing mana as a source of energy and living in alignment with Hawaiian spirituality. Learn to live authentically and effortlessly, where choices become automatic and freedom lies in connecting to the unknown. Embrace the concept of love as the foundation of Hawaiian spirituality, where acceptance and love for all things lead to a profound stream of consciousness. Explore how love can dissolve pain and fear, leading to inner peace and transformation.
  • Explore solutions for everyday challenges affecting your health and well-being. Learn about managing electromagnetic radiation and geopathic stress for better health at home, work, and in your family environment. Discover workshops focused on understanding human nature and universal energies, offering critical strategies for balance and improvement in various life situations.
  • Relationships can be wonderful yet often they can be a challenge despite being in a good relationship we can often feel lonely, forgotten unheard how do we reconcile this?
  • Prosperity Meditation and Training available on a daily basis. Semi Private or Private options available..
  • Stay updated with our latest news releases covering stress management for private and corporate sectors, including insights on Geopathic stress and its impact on business success. Learn about EMR assessment and its effects on health, along with available products and training options. Join our events, limited to small groups for personalized experiences. Arrange private one-on-one appointments or explore corporate services. Contact us for more information and availability.
  • Resources for those who insist on being informed by accredited dedicated sources. Dr Helen Caldicott delivered a remarkable update of world events, Toxins, emmissions, chemichals, her event lasted over 3 hours A quick and easy way of adding content to a site is to create a resources list. This can be anything from a simple list of appropriate web sites or it can be a full blown directory that includes mini-reviews of each of the sites listed.
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  • Powerful Reasons If you want to Live and Exceptional Life you Must Have/Develop very Powerful Compeling Reasons to Succeed in Achieving it. To do so we must set certain standards in every aspect of our lives
  • Training Every one has some area they are disconnected. It's vital that we approach this with honesty about who you are and where you fit. First we must determine that you really do want to shift. That you are ready to do the work. What you identify with is who you begin to believe you are.
  • Discover ancient secrets to enhance your life and deepen your soul connection. Learn how to tap into higher levels of consciousness and re-establish a natural rhythm in your life. Explore connections to Earth energy, food, and interpersonal relationships. Gain awareness of how your environment influences you and how to bring positive changes to your lifestyle. Join a comprehensive training program that covers everything from morning rituals to meditation and support networks. Empower yourself with sustainable knowledge and make meaningful connections to live your dream life.
  • Discover ancient secrets to enhance your life and deepen your soul connection. Learn how to tap into higher levels of consciousness and re-establish a natural rhythm in your life. Explore connections to Earth energy, food, and interpersonal relationships. Gain awareness of how your environment influences you and how to bring positive changes to your lifestyle. Join a comprehensive training program that covers everything from morning rituals to meditation and support networks. Empower yourself with sustainable knowledge and make meaningful connections to live your dream life. Training opportunity Six positions are available at this point. These skills are required; from cooking, PA, driver, IT professional to Housekeeping and gardening; check the list below.
  • the power of being valued and embracing your uniqueness. Break free from the spiral of sameness and ordinary thinking that leads to self-destruction and insecurities. Find your purpose and presence in every event of your life, and become indispensable to those around you. Don't settle for dull conversations and mundane interactions. Embrace your individuality and seek environments where you are truly valued and empowered to grow. Join us today to unlock your potential and live a fulfilling life.
  • the secret to feeling valued and appreciated in every aspect of your life. Learn how to listen deeply and connect with the true meaning behind words and actions. Break free from past experiences that cloud your perception and create filters in your communication. Join our training program to create an environment that aligns with your core values and supports your growth. Explore relaxation techniques and meditation practices to enhance your presence and center yourself in every moment. Prioritize your well-being and cultivate awareness of your inner experiences. Start living as your authentic self and be valued for who you truly are.
  • Join our training program and take charge of your own portfolio of skills. Select your area of expertise and work alongside dedicated individuals committed to excellence. Experience the satisfaction of bringing your personally researched knowledge to life through action and presence. Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and development, knowing that stagnation is the enemy of progress. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who share your commitment to excellence and support each other's journey. Discover your purpose and value through collaboration and cooperation, enhancing both your personal life and the lives of those around you. Find meaning and fulfillment in exploration and skill development, knowing that you are supported by a team dedicated to your success
  • Achieve success in your training by cultivating awareness of your environment and tapping into your personal power. With the support of fellow trainees, you'll have the opportunity to contribute your skills across various areas of life, empowering yourself to become the creator of your reality. Under Tasha's guidance, you'll move closer to realizing your dreams. In today's world, success requires a diverse set of skills ranging from computer programming to martial arts mastery. By mastering these skills, you'll gain mastery over your own destiny and forge connections with others who possess complementary abilities. Don't live in separation—embrace collaboration and unlock your full potential.
  • Join a community dedicated to growth and expansion in every aspect of life. From office administration to gardening, every skill is valued as we work together to achieve our shared goals. Learn from masters and professionals firsthand as you immerse yourself in training that reconnects you with your source. Assist in client care while shaping your purpose within a supportive team environment. If you're ready to shine and be valued, explore our training opportunities today.
  • Experience the power of inner connection and its transformative effects on relationships and wealth creation. When you feel connected within, success becomes effortless and relationships thrive. Learn how to create a supportive network of like-minded individuals with diverse skills to enhance every aspect of your life. Explore opportunities for personal growth, healthy living, and work-life balance while tapping into the wealth of resources available through a strong team. Join a community dedicated to success and happiness, guided by those who have mastered the art of living abundantly.
  • Experience the transformative power of the Open Heart Retreat, a safe haven where you are supported in deepening your spiritual connection and uncovering personal growth. Through simple techniques and liberating knowledge, you'll recognize and release the superficial relationships and spiritual poverty that have held you back. Watch firsthand experiences of personal shifts and energy field healing in the supportive environment of the retreat. Develop qualities such as mindfulness, kindness, and authentic connection as you navigate your path to inner harmony and personal awakening. Join a community dedicated to living in harmony, peace, and cooperation, and experience the cessation of stress and deep insight into your life path. Explore the fruits of right action and develop generosity toward all beings, leading to a lifestyle filled with genuine happiness and inner peace.
  • Philanthropy, derived from the Greek word φιλανθρωπία, encompasses the love of humanity and the endeavor to enhance the human condition. It involves private initiatives dedicated to the public good, focusing on improving quality of life. Contrasted with business endeavors and government initiatives, philanthropy addresses root causes rather than merely relieving symptoms. While charity aims to alleviate immediate suffering, philanthropy seeks to tackle underlying issues. Discover the nuances between philanthropy and charity and explore the role of philanthropists in shaping society for the better.
  • the essence of philanthropy begins at home and its transformative power. Learn how fostering a family attitude of philanthropy can create positive change within and beyond your household. Explore the significance of generosity and how it shapes relationships and personal growth. Join our training team if you possess skills in video editing or website design to contribute to our mission. Witness firsthand the impact of stress management through client testimonials and videos. Gain insights into the personal support and direction offered by our experienced facilitator, TJ, with a background in the natural health industry and health retreats. Explore TJ's journey and unique approach to supporting individuals on their path to wellness and personal development.
  • Contact us today to schedule an appointment or inquire about our workshops and training sessions. Appointments range from 40 minutes to full-day sessions, tailored to your needs. Reach out via text or call at +61430417039, and leave a message for a prompt response. We strive to minimize interruptions while working with our clients. Once you've reached out, text us to confirm your email has been sent, and we'll be in touch shortly.